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m  i  r  r  o  r    r  e s  t  o  r  a  t  i  o  n    a  n  d    s  a  l  e  s

Corvette, Chevy, GM

and classic and vintage

car mirror restorations


Here are some responses we received from some of our customers:

I just want to say . . . I opened the box today . . . holy s_ _t! I’m impressed.

I don’t know who you have doing the plating but he/she is a Master.

Thanks for the great job!! Impressive

- Chuck, restored 56 Oldsmobile exterior mirror

I received the mirror on Friday. WOW!!! Looks and works great!! Thanks for the great service! . . .

- Ron, restored 12" Chevy/GM map light mirror

Just wanted you to know the mirror arrived today and I couldn't be more pleased. I compared it to my original mirror and it is an exact duplicate. The quality of the chrome is very good and I will be proud to have this mirror on my car. Thank you so much!

- Mark, purchased restored 63-67 original Bowtie mirror

The mirror is perfect. I won't loose any points at Hampton. Thank you! Kindest regards.

- Ed, restored original 53-62 Corvette Y-50 mirror

The interior and driver side mirrors arrived on Friday. Both look fantastic! The chrome on the exterior mirror looks very solid and the interior mirror looks new again. Thanks!

- Hans, restored Chevy/GM interior and exterior mirrors

A wonderful person to deal with, honest, quality and workmanship.

- Scott, Ebay customer, purchased 64-66 restored original 8" Chevy/Corvette day/night interior mirror

Spectacular! Concour Top Flight! Judged Top Quality! The Finest Quality Original

- Ebay customer, purchased, 69-72 restored original 12" Chevy/GM map light mirror

Awesome restoration! Excellent quality work! Would recommend to everyone

- Shelley, Ebay customer, purchased 74-76 restored original 10" Corvette map light interior mirror

Beautiful mirror restoration. I am very pleased with purchase and timely receipt.

- Ebay customer purchased 67-71 restored original GM/Corvette 8" day/night interior mirror

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